Owner, Chef presents Breukelen Rub Plates

Bar Pop Ups September 12th, 18th and 30th
742 Myrtle Ave (Brooklyn)

Breukelen Rub Knife Skills Course

"I attended a Knife Skills Course with Chef JD of Breukelen Rub. I learned a variety of techniques that are able to better equip me in the kitchen." -S.D. of Tasty on a Budget

Breukelen Rub Classes

Chef lead classes for cooking enthusiasts to professionals.

Breukelen Rub Dinner Parties

Private elevated dining experience.

Breukelen Rub Spice Co. recipe

Rasta Pasta (vegan)

BRSC blend: Flatbush Blend - Mild

Breukelen Rub Spice Co. X caribbeing

Isalia, owner at the CaribBeing House

Get social with us. Tag your Breukelen Rub plates.


Get social with us. Tag youR Breukelen Rub Plates.


Get social with us. Tag your Breukelen Rub Plates.



Breukelen Rub Spice Co.

Breukelen Rub is a family owned Brooklyn-based spice company. Owner, Chef JD is a seasoned NYC restaurant chef curator of BR blends. He is known as a "chef's chef". His passion is making good food and assuring others they can too.

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"My Husband used the Abuela's Adobo all purpose spice as seasoning for his flat grilled Tilapia dish for dinner, and it was delicious. Even my picky 5 and 7 year old eaters loved it. I can't wait to try other blends"

d. Fitzgerald,Texas

"If you are interested in the next cooking class please check the website. Amazing experience"

R. Bellamy, Brooklyn